Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Software applications nowadays are being developed for hand-held smart devices like mobiles and tablets that target different audience according to the nature of the application and its usage.

Some mobile apps are extensions to some large scale applications like ERPs. Such apps give a mobile version of interface to a business management software solution. These versions may have some limitations as compared to the complete software but never the less in usefulness. Life is quick and people don’t want to miss an opportunity while they are on run and therefor they need critical features of their ERP solutions in their smart devices as a mobile app.

At ePatronus IT Solutions, we offer our clients to have a smart version of their online business management software on their mobile. We also offer extensions to an ERP as mobile apps, e.g. sales person on a trip of booking orders my use his mobile app to book the orders which will update the supervisor in real time and a lot of time will be saved.

We also have moved to launch our mobile apps on different ideas to facilitate general public.

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