Lab Management System

Lab Management System

Lab Management System is introduced to facilitate medical labs. It may be integrated with Patients Management System for better and more effective use.

ePatronus Team has surveyed the market to study the need of a comprehensive Lab Management Software solution to meet the requirements of Medical Labs and the relevant people. Survey depicts that though there are a number of soft wares present in the market to address Medical Lab Management but end users are not satisfied and still looking for some solution that they may adopt as a complete solution which is effective, efficient and easy.

As ePatronus has already a focus to facilitate Health Sector, team decided to develop a solution for Medical Labs as a good addition to Dr. Clicks (Dr Clicks is a series of Soft wares for Health Sector).

We contacted a few of Medical labs running some soft wares to manage their labs daily routine functions. We gathered the requirements, shortcomings of running soft wares and the features they were willing to have in new software solution. We further studied the business process of labs to introduce some value added features to the upcoming lab management software

Dr Clicks LMS has following Modules and Features:


1. Referred By Hospitals /Doctors
2. Option to set discount for selected panels / labs
3. Option to add multiple branches
4. Option for multiple collection points/centres
5. Option to attach Doctor’s advice/prescription with the Lab Test Request
6. Option to attach supporting docs with the test result
7. Online Reports Delivery via email
8. Special Discount for employees
9. Special Discount Card for (selected) clients.
10. Results Comparison, if previous records are available

Different working Interfaces / control panels:

1. Receptionist
2. Order booking
3. Reports delivery
4. Sample Collection
5. Lab Technician
6. Lab Coordinator
7. Doctor

Medical Equipment Interfacing:

A great feature to add value to Lab Management. It will reduce rather eliminate Lab Technicians’ efforts to manually input test results into the software.

In medical equipment interfacing we develop software modules to integrate the medical equipment or device with our lab management software. Once the device is integrated, we can get the output/result of medical test saved directly and automatically into our Lab Management System Database. Thus no need left for lab assistant to manually input the test result data. This interfacing also eliminates/reduces chances of human error. It is an optional feature.

This is description of services for introductory marketing. It is NOT an agreement between client and vendor. - Most of the features are optional and offered according to the feasibility and add to cost and time, please finalize with the vendor (ePatronus) Rep before proceeding. - It is a basic software and not supposed to follow any health sector based polices / rules imposed by government/any other authority for health sector. - It does not comply with HL7 or any other standards. - It is a custom based software to facilitate its users in terms of record keeping and management of their data in terms of what is mutually decided between respected client and vendor. - Reports created by this software are not supposed to be considered a legal document to make us liable for something and can't be put in front of court.

Rich End-user Experience

Users Management

  • A comprehensive module to add, update or remove software end-user(s).
  • Users are created against one of pre-defined roles, few of possible roles are

given below. These roles are defined according to the scope of the software application.

Top Management


HR Manager

Finance Officer

Inventory Controller

Data entry Operator

  • A quick interface to manage users with simple clicks
  • User Passwords re-setting, activating/inactivating within this module
  • Access control & rights management

our software modules are equipped with authentication and authorization procedure.

Each end-user is given access to its concerned area according to the role assigned to him.

  • Ajax based user interaction
  • Document scanning and attachments
  • Minimum data entry(single point of entry)
  • e-alerts/e-Mail/SMS alerts
  • Documents generation in PDF and Excel format
  • Easy file(s) management
  • Multi-user / user access levels
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Access control and rights management
  • Definition tables and smart drop down list of values
  • Scalability: scope for future development
  • Modular approach towards comprehensive ERP
  • Tight integration between different modules
  • To-Do List
  • Birthday reminder (integrated with HRMS)


We offer comprehensive and very useful reports as per formats defined by our customers. Reports Module offers better business insight for Top Management to know about the ups and downs in business trends and tendencies. It gives the required info in a bird’s-eye view.

Our Reports Module covers

  • Dashboard
  • Statistical Reports
  • Graphical Reports
  • Statistical reports
  • Graphical reports
  • Examples
  • Within this financial year
  • Within certain range of amount
  • Against some specific client
  • Against some specific product
  • For certain period of time
  • By some specific customer
  • Balance sheet
  • Ledgers
  • Profit and Loss
  • Receivables
  • Payables etc and a lot more ....